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Fill out the form below, letting us know who you think deserves a little treat this Mother's Day and they'll be in for a chance to receive a floral cookie gift set, delivered direct to their door!


Last chance to enter will be Friday 10th March, when 3 lucky mammas will be picked at random from the nominees thereafter. 
You will be emailed to let you know if your submission was 1 of the lucky 3 selected *please check your junk mail just in case* but your nominee will not be notified!
(We all like a little surprise gift in the mail!)

Eligible for UK nominees only. Cookies can be mailed UK wide.
For more information, please email with your questions or enquiries.

Let's hear about your lovely nominee...
Vegan Cookie Option Available:
Want to remain annonymous?

Thank you for your nomination. Fingers Crossed!

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