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If you can't find what you're after on the website shop, not to worry, you can create a custom order! 

Simply fill out the contact form with a description of the occasions theme and we'll get back to you with some inspirational pics to start creating your custom design!


All our tiered cakes come in a variety of sizes to fit your number of guests. 

Serving suggestions are based on cake slices approx. 1" in width and 4" in depth. We suggest checking you are happy with these measurements before placing your order or choosing a cake the next size up for a more generous serving slice.

Please refer to the cake cutting guide and serving suggestions link: HERE
or email should you have any questions or require further information before placing your order.

Delivery and set ups are available for tiered cakes or large party packages only, locally, within 45 minutes drive of Ware, Hertfordshire.

*This rule is in place, to ensure your cakes arrive at your destination safely and still structurally sound, after being in transit during what could be warm weather. The longer your cake is unrefrigerated, the softer the buttercream becomes, and this can impact the appearance and structure of the cake.*
Pricing for delivery Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire/Essex local starts from £15 and total charge is calculated by distance, time, petrol, any congestion or parking changes as well as the bakers time for delivery and set up.

*Basic buttercream designs are included in the listed prices, however additional costs apply for some biscuit toppings, flowers, decorations and cake toppers. If you would like the appearance of a large two or three tiered cake but do not require lots of servings for your party size, our tiered cakes can be made using "dummy/false" tiers and a simple sheet cake can be provided for serving.

For custom sized cakes, please contact

(Each tier approx. 8" in height / serving suggestions based on 1" x 4" slices)
The Super Mini
4" & 6"  - serving approx' 28 portions (1"x4")*
- From £90
The Popular Choice
6" & 8" - serving approx' 68 portions (1"x4")*
- From £160
The Mid Range
6" & 10" -  serving approx' 98 portions
- From £200
The Big One
8" & 10" - serving approx' 118
 portions (1"x4")*
- From £240

(Each tier approx. 8" in height / serving suggestions based on 1" x 4" slices)
The Small Three Tier
4", 6" & 8"  - serving approx' 78 portions (1"x4")*
- From £210

The Popular Choice
6", 8" & 10" - s
erving approx' 140 portions (1"x4")*
- From £325

The Show Stopper

4", 6", 8" & 10" - serving approx' 150* -
From £360


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